Revealing the reason why Japanese people who are already married sleep separately, how come?

Normally, every married couple will sleep in the same room and in the same bed. Unlike what happened in Japan, it is very common if you find a married couple sleeping separately. In fact, they are not only separated in terms of beds, but they are also separate in terms of bedrooms. Even more strangely, the condition of the smaller houses and apartments wouldn't stop the Japanese couple from sleeping in separate beds or even rooms.

However, this turns out to be commonplace in Japan, not even an intimate issue or indicating a problem with the couple's relationship. This is because there are many married couples in Japan who think that sleeping separately is something good for them.

Reporting from Bright Side, here are some reasons why married couples in Japan prefer to sleep separately.

1. They have different sleep schedules

The first thing that makes a married couple in Japan decide to sleep separately is the different work schedules which affect the couple's sleeping time. Waking your partner up just because you came home late from work or had to leave early will never result in a good quality rest for them. This is why sleeping in a different room makes sense. This will give them an uninterrupted sleep and of course make them much healthier.

2. Some babies sleep with their mothers

Japanese mothers sleep with their children and this is considered very important for the health of the baby and the mother. So, the father needs to decide whether he wants to share the same bed with the baby or go to a different room.

Even science has proven that sleeping together can help parents and children get better sleep. Sleeping together will help the child to maintain a stable temperature and heart rate (which is very important in infancy), and at the same time, can help reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome. Not only that, sleeping together will also contribute to children having a better impression of self-esteem, which will make them independent and excel at school faster.

3. Sleeping apart means peace

While many couples who start sleeping apart have the thought that divorce is in sight, the Japanese view it from a different perspective. They really value their sleep and don't want to be disturbed while sleeping. This indicates that they do not need and cannot stand snoring, restless sleep, kicking, etc. Even so, some also do not have the opportunity to sleep in different rooms, they always wish that they could sleep well and be free from these disturbances.

4. Couples have a separate sleep history

Japanese sleeping mats, namely futons, are only filled with cotton to provide support and sleep comfort. In the past, this futon was only for one person. So, even if you want to cuddle with your loved one on the futon, you will end up 'getting out' of the futon and then will find yourself lying on the cold floor. Of course this will make you feel completely uncomfortable. And even today there are still many families who use this type of bedding, mainly because it does not take up too much space and is easy to store.

Well, my friend, the reason why married couples in Japan mostly sleep separately. Do you think their reasons are reasonable and well accepted?