A Powerful Way to Calm Yourself After Being Ghosting by a Potential Partner

By now you must be familiar with ghosting or being left suddenly when approaching someone, especially if that person is fiancé. Before starting a relationship or continuing a more serious relationship, it is important to approach yourself in getting to know the potential partner in detail, such as character, habits, or other things.

Maybe some of us have experienced this, when we approach it, it gives the best possible impression, makes the potential partner comfortable with us, but for no apparent reason, suddenly we just leave and do not connect with each other anymore.

Normally, things like that will make us insecure and difficult to open our hearts again even though the person after is our soul mate. The following are things that can help calm yourself down after being ghosting a potential partner.

1. Tell a Story with Trusted People

There is nothing wrong with sharing stories about what you are experiencing with the people you trust the most to reduce the burden on your thoughts. Just tell me the beginning of meeting your potential partner and how he just disappeared after what you did before. Talking about the problem you are facing with other people can also give you advice or an evaluation of your story so that in the future there will not be a similar thing.

2. Meditation to Calm Down

Doing something to calm yourself down, well, meditation might be the right choice. Meditation or yoga is very influential in calming down so that the atmosphere and mind can feel better. You can do meditation every day for 10-15 minutes in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

In addition to calming yourself down, this meditation is also believed to help control emotions that were in a bad state for the better and have no effect on the activities you will do afterward.

3. Consume Favorite Foods

Eating some favorite foods can also help you to calm down and restore your mood to be better. One of them is by consuming sweet foods, very good to restore the mood. Also pay attention to the food that you will consume so that you don't consume too much and still be accompanied by healthy and nutritious foods.

4. Do Hobbies for Busyness

Make yourself busy, for example by doing hobbies that you usually do, for example writing, painting, knitting, or anything else that can divert your mind from the bad things that happen to you because a potential partner is left behind. You can also do small exercises, for example, just running to make you tired and release your emotions to feel better.

5. Self-Evaluation and Focus for the Future

You don't need to rush to start a new page, you can evaluate yourself to get better. For example, there are things that made your potential partner previously disliked or made him uncomfortable, you can really change that in yourself so that in the future there will not be a similar thing. So that you can also focus more on more serious relationships with new people later.

There you go, buddy, some tips to calm yourself down after being ghosting with your potential partner. Even though it hurts at first, you can change yourself for the better and be ready to meet new people and hopefully that's the best for you.