What Are the Benefits of Rose Water as Skincare? Is it safe for everyday life

Skincare using rose water media is currently booming among beauty enthusiasts.

Not only that, there are even many beauty brands that have launched skincare products such as micellar water and face mist, all of which contain rose water.

This rose water skincare trend is also booming because of the natural ingredients of roses which have many benefits for facial skin.

Furthermore, are you one of those who tried this rose water skincare trend, friend?

Rose water or rose water is often recommended as the main ingredient in daily skincare or skin care products. Because the benefits are very good for skin health.

Rose water or rose water is a liquid made from the distillation of rose petals and has been used since ancient times in Egypt.

So it's no wonder rose water has always been a mainstay of skincare ingredients, because it has passed the test as the best ingredient that has the benefit of repairing damaged skin.

Reporting from harpersbazaar.com, Dr. Tiffani Jow, a dermalotogist from New York also revealed the 5 main benefits of rose water for daily skin care.

1. Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are ingredients that are proven to be effective in preventing damage to the skin due to oxidation stress.

Dr. Jow said, when included in skincare products, rose water or rose water can help our skin fight free radicals and damage caused by UV rays, pollution and stress.

2. Relieves Acne

Rose water or rose water has anti-microbial properties.

Dr. Jow explained, rose water or rose water has been proven effective as a natural treatment for acne prone skin.

She recommends mist or serum products because they are concentrated with rose water content and are also easily absorbed by the skin compared to creams that contain emollients and humectants.

3. Anti-inflammatory

If you have skin problems such as eczema or rosacea or skin inflammation which often tends to cause redness, rose water is the right choice for you as your daily skin care.

With the anti-inflammatory properties in rose water, Dr. Jow said that rose water can help relieve redness on the face.

4. Hydrates skin and hair

Not only is it able to soften the skin when used as a skincare or daily skin care, rose water or rose water is also proven to be able to lightly hydrate your hair.

Dr. Jow explains, using a few drops of rose water and mixing it with shampoo or conditioner to add moisture to hair.

You can also use shampoo or conditioner that contains rose water, if you don't want to be complicated ...

5. Reduce Stress

Apart from those mentioned above, another main benefit of rose water is its calming scent and can lift the mood.

Dr. Jow also added that the scent of rose water has long been known to reduce stress and be calming.

Based on the various studies that have been mentioned, inhaling the aroma of rose water can also reduce cortisol levels, aka stress hormones in the body.