9 Style Tomboy ala Artis Korea Yang Bisa Jadikan Tomboy Kamu Makin Berkarisma Dan Terpancar!

Every woman has a different taste for clothing. Not a few of them also prefer to appear tomboyish with a variety of outfits that are dominated by trousers. Even though it looks tomboyish, it still creates a pretty impression for the wearer.

Like one KPop idol who likes to wear boyish outfits is Kim Se Jeong, a former member of the Gugudan group. Even though he is busy with various activities as an actress, Kim Se Jeong turns out to have a line of really hit tomboy fashion, you know, friend. Want to copy it? Let's take a peek at the nine styles.

1. Se Jeong wearing a crop top and high waist jeans. Plus the striped shirt, the outfit is getting even cooler!

2. This combination of green turtleneck and plaid suit styles is perfect for a semi-formal outfit

3. Se Jeong combines black tee and gravel pants with sneakers that are predominantly gray in color

4. Oversized white t-shirt, green bomber jacket, and black jeans can disguise your curves. For footwear, you can choose sneakers to make it more comfortable when you wear them

5. This beautiful drakor player from The Uncanny Counter wears a graphic t-shirt, then completes it with a blazer. Her style is very eye catching because she also wears jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap

6. Se Jeong made a pair of jeans with a sweater and ankle boots. Simple, but the charisma shines even more!

7. Hooded tops, leggings pants, and monochrome themed sneakers can be copied for sports outfits

8. Next, Se Jeong wears a three-tone plaid shirt, red track pants, and black boots. If you want to follow the strategy, the inner workings can be adjusted to the color of the boots

9. And finally, this figure who really loves dogs is wearing a white hoodie, plaid pants, and sneakers

Those are the nine tomboy outfits of Kim Se Jeong. So, add more references to look cool, but it won't reduce your beautiful impression